Youth electrocuted as he climbs atop rail oil tanker, it catches fire |

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A rail oil tanker, passing through Vadodara city, caught fire near Pandya bridge on Wednesday after a youth allegedly climbed atop the tanker and was electrocuted from coming in contact with an overhead electric cable.

The Vadodara Railway Police, which took away the body for postmortem examination, said the youth is yet to be identified.

According to primary investigation, the youth had climbed the train near Navayard and was performing stunts when he came in contact with a live overhead cable and was instantly electrocuted. “However, the impact of the current passing through the youth was forceful enough to cause a fire in the oil tanker,” said an officer.

According to the police, the incident occurred around 6.10 am when the train was passing under the Pandya railway overbridge, located near Vadodara station.

“The rail tanker was passing between poles 396/37 and 296/39 when the youth came in contact with the high tension line, causing a near explosion from the current that passed through into the tank car that was loaded with petroleum,” the officer said.

As three fire tenders were rushed to douse the flames, Vadodara railway station Superintendent Vivek Dighe and other officials rushed to the spot. The train departed at 6.55 am after the fire was extinguished, the police said.

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