Watt EV launches nation’s first solar-powered truck charging depot in

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — In efforts to move towards using clean energy, transportation service Watt EV chose Bakersfield to launch their 115-acre electric truck charging depot.

CEO and Co-founder Salim Youssefzadeh said this hub will pave the way for the future of transportation.

Youssefzadeh said, “Having electric truck stops along the way is definitely a step to reducing emissions, and we chose this site initially because it’s on the I-99 corridor and it caters to a lot of the distribution center around us.”

As for the air quality Bakersfield is commonly known for having the worst air pollution, even making number one on the American Lung Association State of the Air report for the year.

Many speakers at the grand opening said as the new facility is powered by renewable energy systems they are marking significant progress towards greener logistics.

This charging station was built to supply all-electric trucks with what they need to get their job done on the road.

With 14-dual cord chargers, 18 single cord chargers, and three single-cord mega-watt charging systems this station allows truck drivers to charge their trucks from 30 minutes to about three hours.

Although this isn’t Watt EV’s first working site in California these stations in particular are extraordinary.

Not only do they use the grid for power, but they also utilize solar power the first of its kind in the nation.

The truck charging site will be located along Highway 65, just south of James Road.

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