Used Tesla Cybertruck Market Grows — But That Price

Tesla Cybertruck Foundation series.

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The Cybertruck continues to make a strong showing on the used car market.

Based on data from major car shopping sites, the number of used Cybertruck sellers is swelling. Despite being available only since late November, the activity on car shopping sites is striking considering the limited population of available Cybertrucks. A recent recall and a reported temporary halt of production in April (WSJ) has further limited the population. The recall appears to affect nearly all of the Cybertruck population — as of April — totaling 3,878 vehicles.

Many “used” CTs are virtually new vehicles or nearly new. CarGurus shows over 140 used Cybertrucks available in the U.S. market. While Kelley Blue Book shows about 125 used Cybertrucks nationwide. The vast majority have very limited mileage. Many CTs have less than 500 miles with some seemingly almost brand new, showing mileage of under 100 miles. Of course, don’t expect a bargain since new Cybertrucks shown on the Tesla website have 2025 availability and/or delivery dates, allowing resellers to demand a premium. Plus, the Cybertrucks already delivered are the pricier models.

New rear-wheel drive Cybertrucks start at $60,990 on Tesla’s website, all-wheel drive models at $79,990, and Cyberbeast models priced at $99,990 — all with 2025 availability or delivery dates.

Used prices are all over the map with some resellers asking up to $180,000. But most prices fall into the $120,000 – $160,000 range. The upside is you get a Cybertruck immediately and don’t have to wait in line.

Note that Cybertrucks delivered as of today do not come with Autopilot or Full Self Driving. Tesla is still doing testing for Autopilot and FSD on the Cybertruck and owners will be able to enable those features later via a software update. CEO Elon Musk said earlier this month that “Cybertruck FSD is a few months away.”

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