Toyota unveils 2025 all-hybird Camry

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. — Since 1988, Toyota has made its Camry made right here in Kentucky. However now, is the first time the vehicle will be completely hybrid.

What You Need To Know

Toyota Kentucky unveiled the 2025 Toyota Camry at the Georgetown plant 

The 2025 Camry and all models going forward are all hybrid  

Camrys have been made in Kentucky since 1989 

11 million Toyota Camrys have been made to date

Chances are a Toyota Camry on the road was made in Kentucky by one of the nearly 10,000 employees at its Georgetown plant. On Wednesday, May 8, the ninth generation of the sedan rolled off the assembly line. Every 2025 Camry is powered by a hybrid system.

“As we’re transitioning to electrification and trying to become carbon neutral; the Camry is one of the larger selling cars that we have in North America, so I think this was a good decision for us,” said Kerry Creech, president of Toyota Kentucky.

Creech said the process to redesign the automaker’s signature model took about two years from pencil and paper to a fully assembled car.

“It’s a labor of love, there’s a lot of people who put a lot of time and a lot of effort into getting it where it’s at right now where we’re shipping it,” Creech said.

On Wednesday, employees gathered to officially celebrate the launch of the redesigned Camry. Body Weld Pilot team leader Jose Valencia said Wednesday’s milestone wouldn’t be possible without the work as a team.

“Many problems were solved with team members at every phase of the project. Together as team members, we worked safely, we kept an eye out for each other and weren’t afraid to speak up if there was better, safer way to get the job done,” Valencia said.

Toyota has produced more than 11 million Camrys to date since 1988. Creech said the company remains committed to multiple modes of power.

“It is absolutely fantastic and there is no difference between the current Camry and this new Camry, in fact the performance is much greater,” Creech said.

Creech says their $1.3 billion investment into the Georgetown plant will allow to make traditional fuel cars, hybrids and fully electric vehicles.

According to Toyota’s website, the starting price for a 2025 Camry is $28,400.

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