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The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) – Air Quality Division (AQD) has issued an emergency rule in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new air regulation 40 CFR Part 60 subpart OOOOb.

EPA’s OOOOb rules – “Standards of Performance for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Facilities for Which Construction, Modification, or Reconstruction Commenced After December 6, 2022”, is commonly referred to as the Methane Rule.

Subpart OOOOb requirements become federally effective on May 7, 2024, and as a result, oil and gas operators in Wyoming and across the nation must implement them.

To assist Wyoming’s regulated community with implementing EPA’s new requirements, DEQ has issued an Oil and Gas Emergency Rulemaking.

Given EPA’s shortened timeframes and deadlines, the Division had to initiate the emergency rulemaking process before initiating the regular rulemaking process. The regular rulemaking process will provide the public and stakeholders the opportunity to comment and participate in the rulemaking process.

“In order for Wyoming to maintain regulatory primacy, subpart OOOOb must be incorporated into the Wyoming Air Quality Standards and Regulations by the May 7, 2024 federal effective date,” says DEQ Director Todd Parfitt. “Not only will this ensure our State primacy, but it will enable Wyoming’s regulated community to work with DEQ’s Air Quality Division staff located in Wyoming rather than EPA staff located in Denver or DC.”

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