TGP delivers project cargo for a lithium mine site in Australia

TGP delivers project cargo for a lithium mine site in Australia

Global Project Logistics (TGP) recently delivered 823 metric tonnes of oversized equipment to a lithium mine site in Australia’s Pilbara region. This complex operation involved collaboration between TGP’s offices in Perth and Dalian, China.

The shipment comprised four Wet High-Intensity Magnetic Separator (WHIMS) units, each weighing a significant 196 metric tonnes. The units embarked on their journey from Dalian, China, with Port Harcourt in Western Australia serving as a waypoint.

Upon discharge at Port Hedland, the WHIMS units were transported by road to their final destination – the remote mine site.

Photo: TGP

TGP Perth’s extensive experience in managing logistics for major mining projects in Western Australia proved invaluable in navigating this complex operation. This is not TGP’s first rodeo when it comes to WHIMS units, highlighting their established expertise in handling such specialized cargo.

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This successful delivery underscores TGP’s capabilities in handling large-scale mining projects and their commitment to supporting the development of Australia’s critical minerals sector.

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