Tesla sues Tesla — but it’s not quite what you think

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Tesla has sued an Indian company called Tesla Power for using its namesake for promotion. One of the most highly recognizable brands in the world, Tesla is seeking a permanent injunction and damages for the use of its name without any actual relation to the U.S.-based electric automaker.

A hearing on the matter has already started, and the Delhi High Court is listening to arguments from both sides. However, this is not the first time Tesla has reached out to Tesla Power to stop using its name for its own benefit.

Tesla sent the Indian company a cease-and-desist notice in April 2022, but it continued to push its products under the name and argues that it should be allowed to use the label because it has no intentions of making electric vehicles, Reuters reports.

Tesla Power does not only have its business in India, which makes the case interesting. It is headquartered in Delaware, the same state that Tesla is currently registered in. The Indian company also uses the name Tesla Power USA, along with Tesla Power, which is one of the accusations in the suit.

Tesla Power said its business is its main argument in the case, and since it manufactures lead-acid batteries and not EVs, it should not be considered a case of infringement.

However, Tesla has been trying to establish a presence in India for several years, and while it cannot be proven, the company may have tried to capitalize on these rumors for at least a slight financial benefit.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was set to expand the business into India in April. However, he canceled the visit a week before he was set to fly to New Delhi to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Instead, Musk flew to China and gained approval for the Full Self-Driving suite.

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