Tesla limited edition Cyberhammer goes on sale for $700

tesla cyberhammer

The Tesla Cybertruck-inspired “Cyberhammer” sledgehammer is back. And this time, fans of the electric vehicle maker can actually purchase the limited edition item for a premium price. 

Tesla describes the Cyberhammer, which is based on the all-electric pickup truck, as follows in its official shop

“Ready of not, it’s hammer time. Now avalable to a wider audience, our limited-release Cyberhammer commemorates the Cybertruck unveiling when Franz used a sledgehammer to show the toughness of the vehicle’s stainless-steel exoskeleton. Designed by Tesla Design Studio and made of steel, Cyberhammer features a laser etching of Franz’s signature on the head that makes this piece a true collectible,” Tesla wrote.

The Cyberhammer is currently listed in the Tesla Shop with a price of $700. This is quite a departure from the company’s previous strategy with the item. When the Cybertruck-inspired sledgehammer was initially launched back in March, after all, it was not available for purchase at all. Instead, it was available as a referral award, with customers spending 35,000 referral credits to avail of the item. Tesla confirmed as much when it promoted the item on X, with the EV maker stating that the Cyberhammer was something that was “earned” and “not given.”

While the Cyberhammer is now available for purchase, the company still noted that only 800 pieces of the limited-edition premium item would be built. After all 800 are gone, it would not be surprising if the Cyberhammer becomes as rare as a Boring Company Not-a-Flamethrower, which was sold in January 2018, more than six years ago. Similar to the Not-a-Flamethrower, it would not be surprising if the Cyberhammer also ends up being priced as a premium collectible on sites like eBay. 

While the Cyberhammer is likely a durable item, Tesla does note that the sledgehammer is designed for display or gym use. It is a full-fledged sledgehammer, but Tesla still advises customers who opt to purchase the limited-edition item to not strike hard surfaces with the Cyberhammer. 

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