Tesla is preparing to launch its own in-car voice assistant

Tesla is preparing to launch its own in-car voice assistant, according to information in the source code of the latest update.

For a few years now, Elon Musk has been talking about Tesla having its own voice assistant inside its vehicles.

After he launched his own AI startup xAI, Musk suggested that Tesla could work with the company to deploy its chatbot inside its vehicles.

It looks like Tesla is now preparing for the launch of its voice assistant.

Tesla is currently pushing out its new 2024.14.3 software update, which includes a lot of official cool new features, but there are also things hidden in the code.

Green, a Tesla hacker who often finds unreleased features inside Tesla’s code, has revealed that some code in the update points to Tesla launching its own voice assistant:

Other (than the release notes) stuff from 2024.14.3
– Amazon music playback support
– beginning of what looks like “tesla voice assistant” that would be activated by a wakeword-? (Aka car always listening for it), narrated by “Jenny Neutral” voice by Microsoft.

— green (@greentheonly) May 1, 2024

Nothing else is known about the new Tesla voice assistant yet, but Musk has previously stated that he wants Tesla drivers to have nothing to input manually inside the vehicle. He wants the car to anticipate the driver’s needs, and if it can’t, he would prefer inputs through voice command.

According to Green’s sleuthing, Tesla is also preparing to introduce a native Amazon Music app inside its vehicles.

With 2023.14.3, Tesla introduced a native Audible app, which is also an Amazon product.

There’s no word on the timing for the official release of the features revealed by the update’s source code.

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