Tesla displays Model 3 Performance and Cybertruck in Macau

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Tesla has a new display of the upgraded Model 3 Performance and the Cybertruck set up in Macau, as shown at a conference in the administrative region.

A few weeks ago, Tesla officially started selling the Model 3 Performance on sale on its website, and while the Cybertruck isn’t available in the area, both vehicles are now on display at a mobility expo. On Friday evening, the Tesla Macau account posted a photo of the display on X, showing the display at the Car, Sky, and Vehicle Expo at the Venetian Cotai Expo Hall A.

The display includes a Model Y, a Cybertruck, and a Model 3 Performance, and it comes after the account noted that the Cybertruck had reached the region on May 2.

Currently, the Model 3 Performance is available in Macau for MOP $292,600 (~$50,313), while the Cybertruck isn’t yet available outside the U.S. The display also follows the Cybertrucks tour across much of China and, more recently, in other areas of the world like Japan and several cities across Europe and the Middle East.

Tesla launched the highly anticipated Model 3 Performance in several countries last month, after multiple prototypes of the vehicle had been spotted in the wild, and after one executive in January confirmed that the vehicle would be coming out at some point.

The new Performance Model 3 has a 2.9-second 0-60mph acceleration, a top speed of 163mph, and the electric vehicle’s (EV’s) fourth generation drive unit offers 22 percent more continuous power, 32 percent more peak power, and an additional 16 percent of peak torque, in comparison with the Model 3’s last-gen drive unit.

The news also comes as Tesla has seemingly been preparing to launch Full Self-Driving (FSD) in China, after the system gained tentative approval in the country late last month.

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