Tesla China sees 10.9k registrations amidst Labor Day holiday

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Tesla China saw 10,900 insurance registrations in the week of April 29 to May 5, 2024. The results represent a 26% decline from the previous week’s 14,860 registrations, but it is nevertheless impressive considering the presence of a national holiday during the first days of May. 

Tesla’s registrations in China over the past month were quite interesting. During the week ending April 7, Tesla China only saw 1,900 registrations. In the week ending April 14, the company’s registrations rose to 6,230 units, and in the week ending April 21, registrations dropped to 5,160.

Tesla China’s best numbers during the month happened in the week ending April 28, when the company saw 14,860 registrations. 

As noted in a CNEV Post report, major electric vehicle makers in China saw a decline in registrations last week. The decline, however, could largely be attributed to China’s Labor Day holiday this year, which spanned May 1-5, 2024. The publication also noted that the beginning of a month typically sees a slowdown in vehicle deliveries in China. 

With this in mind, it would appear that Tesla China’s performance in the week ending May 5 is largely representative of the company’s registrations from April 29-30, 2024. Considering that May 1-5 is a national holiday, it would not be surprising if Tesla China’s registrations slowed significantly during the period. 

Tesla China does not report its weekly sales figures, but a general idea of the company’s overall performance in the domestic market could be inferred through the number of new vehicle registrations that are filed every week. Fortunately, China’s new vehicle registrations are tracked and reported by industry insiders and companies like Deutsche Bank and Li Auto.

Interest in Tesla’s vehicles in China may be seeing a rise as of late, likely due to expectations surrounding the rollout of Full Self-Driving (FSD) to the country. Expectations of FSD’s rollout in China came after Elon Musk’s recent unannounced visit, as well as Tesla’s partnership with Baidu for mapping and navigation data. Tesla’s partnership with Baidu is expected to help Tesla overcome hurdles for the release of FSD into the country. 

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