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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s main economic monitoring indicator flashed green in March for a third month running, showing the economy was on a stable growth path, the National Development Council (NDC) said Friday (April 26).

Taiwan uses a five-color scale to symbolize its overall economic performance. Blue, which dominated most of last year, stands for contraction; while yellow-blue represents sluggishness; green indicates stable growth; yellow-red stands for a warming economy; and red means the economy is booming or overheating.

According to the points system associated with the lights, the economy added one point in March to reach 30, following a two-point rise the previous month, the NDC said. Of the nine factors determining the overall indicator, three improved, two declined, and four remained the same, per CNA.

The sub-index for the money supply moved one point higher to turn from yellow-blue to blue. Sales from the retail, wholesale, and food and beverage sectors and imports of machinery and electric equipment both saw a one-point increase from yellow-blue to green.

In contrast, the industrial production sub-index and average monthly overtime hours for the industrial and service sectors both fell one point from yellow-red to green.

The four indicators that remained unchanged represented custom-cleared exports, share price changes, producer’s shipment for manufacturing, and the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) manufacturing sector sub-index.

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