T-Mobile now owns Mint Mobile, keeping $15/mo and adds roaming

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Last year it was announced that T-Mobile would acquire Mint Mobile and, now, that deal has officially closed. Here’s what that means for you.

In a press release today, T-Mobile officially welcomes Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile to “Team T-Mobile” after the deal to buy the two companies was officially approved by the FCC last week. T-Mobile explains in a post that the acquisition “locks in” connectivity for Mint and Ultra “for the long-term.”

T-Mobile explains:

This deal locks in Mint and Ultra’s connectivity to T-Mobile’s industry-leading 5G network for the long-term and enables them to tap into the Un-carrier’s relationships and scale to deliver their already loved products and simplified experiences to even more prepaid customers across the U.S. T-Mobile will also tap into the unique capabilities that have fueled their success in wireless, particularly Mint’s best-in-class approach to D2C marketing that customers love.

But the key question here is, does this change anything for existing Mint Mobile customers? In the short term at least, no.

T-Mobile is reiterating its promise – “commitmint” – to continue offering Mint’s $15/month pricing option. This price is available when pre-purchasing multiple months of service and is among the most affordable options for cellular service in the United States. There’s no promise, though, on how long this offer will continue to be available. The current additional offer of 3 months of Unlimited Premium Wireless for $15/month is only guaranteed through the end of 2024.

Beyond that, T-Mobile is also bringing some perks to its new customers. “Scam Screener” will come to both networks, leveraging T-Mobile’s existing ability to flag likely scam calls before you pick up. Mint Mobile customers will also get free roaming in Canada (up to 3GB of high-speed data), while Ultra customers will get roaming in Mexico included in “most” plans.

Mint Mobile customers will soon be able to enjoy unlimited talk and text and 3Gb of high-speed data while in Canada – for FREE.

In the coming weeks, Ultra customers traveling to Mexico, will have an enhanced data roaming option in addition to the already included Talk and Text on most plans.

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