Summer Farmers Market returns to Hampden


HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) – The summer farmers market season is back!

Friday, the Hampden Summer Farmers Market opened, now with 24 vendors.

During the winter months the market is at Citizens of Maine with less vendors, with the warmer weather they were able to move outside to the Saint Matthews Church.

The markets offers a little bit of everything from meat and dairy to plants and dog treats.

Organizers say markets are crucial for vendors to be able to sell what they produce without a brick and mortar store.

“It is so hard now a days to find a location all the markets right now are getting full with vendors. So for a new vendor to start up its hard to get into a market, and if you can find a market where they do have space for you those are few and far between as time goes on,” said Laurie Philbrick, Hampden Farmer’s Market Manager.

“Fortunately with this market we had enough space where we could take on the amount of vendors that we did this year. Unfortunately, we were not able to take them all but we were able to add 10 more vendors then we usually have,” said Philbrick.

The Hampden Market is every Friday from 2-5:30.

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