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(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The Pony Express Farmers Market has returned to East Hills for around their 25th years of running, where local vendors can show their home grown goods and engage with others.

The market has rotating booths, having goods such as plants, meat, and homemade items from local farms and shops that anyone can browse through.

The market starts the last Saturday of April and goes every Wednesday and Saturday to the end of October, with regular hours being 1-7 PM.

While the weather deterred some people, the market has only begun and expects a large crowd near the end of fall, where popular goods such as corn and tomatoes will be more common.

Ryan Frakes, the president of the market says,

“Kind of early on in the season we have vegetables, lettuces and onions a lot of plants and flowers. We do have a new vendor here with some meat locally grown and we got jams, jellies, honeys, different things like that are a little slow getting going. The majority of the vegetables will come a few months later.”

If anyone is interested in setting up a booth at the market, they can visit their website here. 

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