Some Americans will receive rare second payment from Social Security this month


The Social Security Administration will be issuing a rare second payment to some Americans this month.

In a typical month, the administration sends out one Supplemental Social Security, or SSI, payment each month that’s delivered on the first of the month unless it falls on a weekend or holiday, Fox Business reported.

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A quirk of the calendar, however, means there are times when recipients receive two checks in the same month, something that will take place in May. Because June 1 falls on a Saturday, SSI recipients will receive their first check on May 1 and another one on May 31.

SSI recipients, mostly people with disabilities and older Americans with low incomes, won’t be receiving extra money, just an early payment for the following month. June won’t have a separate SSI payment and the next won’t arrive until July 1.

Two checks in one month will repeat in August (Aug. 1 and 30th with no separate SSI check in September) and November (Nov. 1 and 29th.) December will have an SSI payment but not until the last day of the month due to Jan. 1, 2025 being a holiday.

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Standard Social Security payments are made based on the recipient’s day of birth: People born 1-10th of a month are paid on the second Wednesday; 11th-20th on the third Wednesday; and 21st-31st on the fourth Wednesday.

People who were receiving Social Security before May 1997 or those who receive both Social Security and SSI are paid on two separate dates: SSI on the 1st and Social Security on the 3rd.

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