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The TBI is sharing the warning signs of a scams involving cryptocurrency to keep you from becoming the next victim.

The TBI says scammers are demanding cryptocurrency because the transactions are irreversible.

The TBI says it’s important to know the warning signs to not only protect yourself but all residents in Tennessee. The TBI says stolen money is tougher to recover and strengthens criminal enterprises, putting more people at risk.

The TBI posted the following warning signs of cryptocurrency scams:

Have you been told that you have a computer virus or other issue with your computer and that you must send cryptocurrency to repair it?Have you been told that you’ve won a prize or a giveaway, but that you have to send cryptocurrency to receive it?Is someone blackmailing you, claiming to have compromising information, such as photos or videos, and demanding you send cryptocurrency?Are you in a relationship with someone you’ve never met, who is asking you to send cryptocurrency?Has anyone promised large monetary gains by investing in cryptocurrency?Did someone claiming to represent a government agency or law enforcement department call and request you send cryptocurrency to satisfy a warrant, a fine, or to post a bond for a relative in jail or prison?Are you on the phone with someone who you don’t know who is instructing you how and where to send cryptocurrency?

You can find more information from the TBI online, by calling 615-744-4000, or by sending an email. You can also call your local law enforcement agency.

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