Rezvani Arsenal Teased As Armored SUV With Up To 675 HP

The Arsenal will debut in the coming weeks and appears to be based on a GM full-sized SUV

Rezvani is gearing up to introduce a new model called the Arsenal.

The vehicle is apparently based on a GM-sourced full-size SUV.

The Arsenal will offer armoring as well as two different engines.

Rezvani Motors has teased the all-new Arsenal, ahead of its debut in a “few weeks time.” The company isn’t saying much about the model at this point, but it promises to be the “most advanced armored luxury vehicle available.”

Specifics are few and far between, but Rezvani said the SUV will be equipped with the “most cutting-edge armor technology currently available in the market.” Instead of traditional ballistic steel, the Arsenal is slated to use an “innovative composite material” that is lightweight and provides B6 levels of protection. That means the model should be able to handle an assortment of handguns and rifles.

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Rezvani isn’t saying much else about the Arsenal at this point, but confirmed it will have a “military-inspired design” that is “elegant and more incognito” than their other vehicles. That isn’t much to go on, but teasers suggest the model will have a bulging hood, a sloping roof, and blind spots the size of Texas. The company also said the SUV will have seven seats as well as traditional luxury features.

While the company is keeping details under wraps, they revealed the Arsenal will have a V8 engine producing 420 hp (313 kW / 426 PS). This suggests the SUV is based on the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe, or GMC Yukon as all three offer a 6.2-liter V8 with the same output. That being said, Rezvani also confirmed plans for a variant with 675 hp (503 kW / 684 PS).

Pricing starts at $225,000 and the aforementioned armoring will be optional. The company is currently accepting orders with a $150 refundable deposit and deliveries are slated to begin this summer.

In a statement, Ferris Rezvani said “This is no ordinary car, it’s a thrilling blend of luxury, security, and innovative design. Your daily commutes are about to get a lot more interesting!”

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