Restrictions on Arkansas’s cryptocurrency mines signed into law

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The measure’s sponsors described the new laws as temporary until Arkansas lawmakers return for next year’s regular session and consider more changes.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed two new restrictions on cryptocurrency mines into law Friday.

The new restrictions will reportedly address complaints about a law passed last year on cryptocurrency mines, which are data centers requiring large amounts of computing power and electricity. Local officials and residents who live near the operations complained that last year’s law interfered with addressing complaints about the mines’ noise and impact on the community.

Additionally, the new laws require the facilities to apply noise-reduction techniques and crypto mining businesses to get a permit from the state to operate. They also removed portions of the 2023 law that limited local governments’ ability to enact measures regulating the sound decibels generated by the facilities.

Sponsors of the measure described the new laws as a temporary solution until lawmakers return for next year’s regular session and consider more comprehensive changes.

The legislation also prohibits businesses and individuals from several countries, including China, from owning crypto mining operations in the state.

The majority-Republican House overwhelmingly approved the Senate-backed measures on Wednesday before finalizing the state’s $6.3 billion budget for the coming year.

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