‘Operation Ghost Rider’ aims to stop distracted driving

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Unmarked law enforcement vehicles will be on Michigan roads starting Monday to spot distracted drivers, according to the Transportation Improvement Association.

State, county and local law enforcement agencies are working together on “Operation Ghost Rider,” a program aimed at reducing injuries and deaths caused by distracted driving.

‘Strict enforcement’ of hands-free law during April campaign

Unmarked spotter vehicles with an officer in the passenger seat will be out on the roads looking for distracted drivers. When they spot one, the officer will radio for a marked cruiser to make a traffic stop.

The mission stems from laws signed last year that made it illegal to use a cell phone or mobile electronic device while driving in Michigan.

On the lookout for distracted drivers with the Kent County Sheriff’s Department

If you get caught using your phone while driving, fines range from $100 along with community service for a first offense to $250 each time you’re caught after that. Fines are higher for commercial drivers and if you cause a crash while using a cell phone.

There are some exceptions. If you come across a crash, medical emergency or crime you can use the phone.

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