Nokia and Sigma partner for US mining’s first private wireless network

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Finnish telecom giant Nokia has been chosen by Sigma Lithium, a leading sustainable lithium producer, to deploy the first private wireless network dedicated to lithium mining in the Americas. This technology will boost productivity and safety at Sigma’s Brazilian operations.

Lithium is a key component in electric vehicle batteries, and demand is soaring as the world transitions to cleaner transportation. Sigma, already a leader in sustainable mining practices, aims to be at the forefront of this shift.

The new private LTE network, built by Nokia in collaboration with Alcon, will connect over 200 Sigma employees and enable the use of innovative mining applications. This dedicated network offers robust bandwidth and data throughput across the mining site.

“We are dedicated to powering the next generation of EVs in the most sustainable manner,” said Marcelo Marinho, Chief Operating Officer at Sigma Lithium. “Working with Nokia and Alcon will enhance worker safety and efficiency while we continue exploring this critical metal.”

The network utilizes ruggedized devices, industrial edge computing, and a suite of industry-standard applications. These include dispatch systems, push-to-talk communication, and smart badge systems to create a safer and more productive work environment.

Victorio Accon, Commercial Manager at Alcon, highlighted their expertise in deploying such solutions in challenging environments. “We are pleased to partner with Nokia to bring this mission-critical network to Sigma Lithium,” he said.

Sigma Lithium has previously been recognised for its advanced sustainable mining practices. The company achieved record production of Triple Zero Green Lithium in Brazil in 2023, with their Quintuple Zero Green Lithium receiving accolades at COP28 for being among the most sustainable globally.

“This exciting collaboration with Alcon will bring robust connectivity to world-class lithium mining leader Sigma Lithium and accelerate digitalization. Dedicated, mission-critical connectivity connecting industrial devices and applications is at the heart of revolutionizing the way the mining sector operates – keeping employees safe and enabling high-performance operations that deliver results,” David de Lancelloti, vice president Enterprise Campus Edge Business at Nokia, said.

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