Nio, GAC Aion’s Hyper brand to interconnect charging network by end of May


Previously, companies including SAIC, Jiyue, Geely Automobile Holdings and Deepal have announced access to Nio’s charging network.

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Nio (NYSE: NIO) and Hyper, the premium sub-brand of GAC Aion, will interconnect their respective charging networks at the end of May, the two companies announced today.

Nio has one of the largest charging and battery swap networks in China. As of today, the company has 2,248 supercharging stations in China providing 10,284 charging piles, and 1,580 destination charging stations providing 1,208 chargers.

The electric vehicle (EV) maker’s signature battery swap stations number 2,413 in China, according to data compiled by CnEVPost.

“Nio already has over 20,000 charging piles, making it the automotive brand with the most chargers in the country. The interconnection of the charging networks of both sides can make every trip more convenient and efficient for users,” it said today.

Hyper currently has 1,200 supercharging stations offering 7,084 chargers, according to data released by the brand today.

The partnership is part of Nio’s collaboration with GAC Group, the parent company of GAC Aion.

On May 8, Nio said it signed a strategic cooperation agreement on charging and battery swap with GAC in Guangzhou, where the latter is headquartered.

Nio and GAC will work together to establish a unified battery standard and co-develop battery swap-enabled passenger cars and swap stations compatible with models of both brands, according to a statement yesterday.

Nio and GAC will realize dynamic data interconnectivity by the end of this month, making charging easier by enabling users to not only search for and navigate to a charger, but also start and pay for a charging session through the brands’ apps, mini-programs, and power maps on center displays, according to the statement.

Prior to Hyper, companies including SAIC Motor, Jiyue, Geely Automobile Holdings, and Deepal have announced access to Nio’s charging network.

Notably, Nio’s charging network has been open to other brands of EVs.

The direct collaboration between other car companies and Nio will help provide a better charging experience, such as integration of Nio’s charging facilities on the in-vehicle screen and senseless payments.

Nio, GAC sign deal on charging and battery swap

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