New Gym Membership Costs $40K a Year

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Luxury fitness company Equinox is launching a new membership that costs more money than a lot of people make in a year. The Optimize by Equinox personalized health program will cost $3,000 per month, with the price of basic gym membership bringing the total to at least $40,000 a year, CNBC reports. Equinox says it is partnering with Function Health—a lab test start-up with a mission of helping people live “100 healthy years”—to give members personalized plans on improving health and longevity.

Equinox says Function Health will test for 100 biomarkers, and the gym will carry out its own fitness tests to come up with plans that will include 16 hours a month of coaching and training, including sessions with sleep coaches and nutrition coaches. “It’s the same as Formula One or an athlete, where you are given a team of top experts in all these different verticals, to design a program based on all the data that we collected,” Equinox exec Julia Klim tells CNBC.

Equinox says the program will be rolled out later this month in New York City and Highland Park, Texas, with other US locations to follow. The company was hit hard by the pandemic, when gyms were closed for extended periods, but it said earlier this year that it is getting back on track financially. The company said it had secured $1.8 billion from investors to refinance $1.2 billion in loans and fund an expansion to add dozens of new clubs worldwide, reports the Financial Times. (More gym stories.)

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