New fuel stations to appear in Hungary!

eurowag fuel station

New fuel stations will soon appear in Hungary. According to the company’s statement, Eurowag is setting up its network of service stations along major transit routes.

Describing itself as “Europe’s leading provider of integrated road transport solutions”, Eurowag is launching the fuel stations under the name Prime Network, with “exclusive services”, according to their statement.

Eurowag Prime Network fuel stations

Photo: Facebook/Eurowag

According to Telex, Kim Coppens, Head of Energy Procurement and Operations, Eurowag South and West Region, argued, “The aim is to have a few Eurowag Prime stations in each country where Eurowag operates, where customers can enjoy a high-quality service in prime locations and at the best prices. These stations will be visually distinctive and a high level of service will be a prerequisite.”

The Eurowag Prime Network will consist of a network of 70 fuel stations, carefully selected from the existing portfolio. Eurowag operates its own charging stations, with four in Hungary: Szigetszentmiklós, Mosonmagyaróvár, Lébény and Becsehely.

Of the 70 stations selected, some are located in Hungary: at the Komárom junction of the M1 motorway, at Tolmács on the main road 2, near the Nyíregyháza junction of the M3 motorway, on road 4. You can see them on a map HERE.

The 70 fuel stations will be selected from the existing network of stations according to a strict set of criteria.

“Prime service stations are selected for their outstanding service quality and infrastructure, providing a convenient stopover in every case,”

the company said.

Eurowag card. Photo: Eurowag

All customers with a Eurowag card will be able to use the services of Eurowag Prime service stations without discrimination, without the need for a separate registration or membership card, Eurowag writes of the system.

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