Nearly 30,500 new employees join Saudi Arabia’s private sector in April

Saudi Arabia private sector

As many as 2.36 million citizens were working in the Kingdom’s private sector in April

Saudi Arabia’s private sector saw a sizeable jump in employees in April. The sector added 30,492 workers and reached a strength of 11,274,689 from 11,244,197 in March. In its latest report, the National Labor Observatory (NLO) provided insights into the total private sector workforce, male and female participation, the net growth in citizen jobs, and new entrants to the private sector.

The report reveals that the total number of Saudi citizens working in the private sector reached 2,356,829 in April. Of those, 1,386,593 were men and 970,236 were women.

Meanwhile, the total number of residents working in Saudi Arabia’s private sector reached 8,917,860, up from 8,875,250 in March. Resident workers in the private sector comprised 8,552,960 males and 364,900 females.

The NLO report also reveals the net growth in citizen jobs, with 18,535 Saudi citizens entering the private sector for the first time in April.

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Ever since Saudi Arabia implemented its Saudization strategy in the private sector, the Kingdom has witnessed a notable increase in citizen participation in the workforce. Through this strategy, Saudi Arabia aims to increase professional opportunities for Saudi nationals and upskill the local workforce. Moreover, it seeks to maximize citizens’ potential and bolster their impact on the country’s economy and social sustainability.

In addition, Saudi Arabia aims to increase female participation in the workforce, in line with Vision 2030. The Kingdom has succeeded in raising female citizen contribution with Saudi female workers reaching almost three-fold the number of female resident workers.

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