Most of Warren Buffett’s stock portfolio is tied up in just 5 stocks. Here’s

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Berkshire Hathaway reported Saturday its first-quarter 2024 figures, revealing that most of the conglomerate’s stock portfolio is focused on just five stocks. The Warren Buffett-led behemoth kept the makeup of its top five holdings unchanged in the first three months of 2024, as the stock market ripped to record levels to mark the start of a new bull run. However, Berkshire did trim its Apple investment by 13% during the first quarter, marking the second straight period in which the company lowered its stake in the iPhone maker. At the end of the January-March period, Berkshire owned $135.4 billion in Apple shares , implying about 790 million shares. That said, Apple remained by far the conglomerate’s largest holding. Apple has struggled this year, losing more than 4%, while the S & P 500 has soared 7.5% to record levels. Other major Berkshire stakes are a $34.5 billion position in American Express and $39.2 billion in Bank of America . The company also owned $24.5 billion in Coca-Cola stock — a longtime holding of Buffett’s — and $19.4 billion in Chevron shares. Overall, these five positions made up about 75% of Berkshire Hathaway’s stock portfolio.

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