Letter: Rosemont Mine et. al.

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President Biden’s Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has placed new restrictive CO2 mandates on vehicle manufacturers that will eventually force the public into buying expensive Electric Vehicles (EV). The heavy lithium battery packs and engine use copper and cobalt. Most cobalt is mined in the Republic of the Congo, where China owns many of its mines utilizing child labor. Landscapes are destroyed and underground water supplies contaminated. Ironically the same things Democrats deplore here from mining. Democrats are all in on the “green” climate agenda with everyone buying EVs, but they are vehemently opposed to any new open pit copper or cobalt mines, i.e. Rosemont, here in America. They seem to be quite ok with other countries mining it and using child labor. Quite contradictory and hypocritical. A blind eye and attitude that It is ok if it happens over there. I think all potential EV buyers should first take a trip to the Congo and see how their “green” saving the planet agenda is destroying it there.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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