(LETTER) Gravel mining is loud, dirty and potentially health damaging

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Dear Casper,

Don’t let anyone kid you — gravel mining is a loud, dirty business and not even discussing mine reclamation.

I suspect the underlying aquifer is the Laramide and not the Big Horn Mountains 100-plus miles to the northeast. The billowing rock particulate dust from the mining and washing will contain silica that will drift with the prevailing winds through central Wyoming and Casper. Silicosis is a long-term cancerous illness that will manifest long after the mine is closed and gone.

The rubber meets the road on the plan that Prism Logistics will file with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, anything promised before is just hogwash. Wait until the application is filed and then request a public hearing for input on aquifer protection, ambient air quality, road traffic, quality of life issues within 1,000 feet of the mine.

So many questions that are unanswered on the impacts of a mine, washing, grading and rock crushing facility that near to Casper. The environmental and human health protection is in the details. Why are they so hesitant to discuss the details, smells?

Jim Sherrard
Casper native now living in Texas


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