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To the editor:

Over 150,000 people dip their paddle into pristine waters of The Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) each year. I first went there in the mid-1960s, on a trip with my family and friends. My life was changed by this priceless region of lakes, streams, and countless creatures, we are so fortunate to have.

Yet, the BWCAW is not safe. Copper-sulfide mining threatens this wilderness jewel. This is one of the most polluting industries on the planet and would release heavy metals and sulfuric acid into the surrounding waters. Across the state, sulfide mines are threatening the BWCAW, Lake Superior, and the Mississippi headwaters.

In spite of all the proven evidence of the dangers of sulfide mining, Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources, and Pollution Control Agency have recklessly advanced these projects.

There’s a better way to protect our clean water. Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness has introduced the Prove It First bill into the Minnesota legislature that says, before a copper-sulfide mine can be permitted in Minnesota, there must be independent proof that a similar mine has operated for at least 10 years without causing pollution and that a mine has been closed for at least 10 years without causing pollution. It’s the simple, commonsense protection our state deserves.

Minnesotans value our state’s waters. The BWCAW, Lake Superior and the Mississippi River are priceless treasures we need to protect.

Daniel Belgum

Morris, MN

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