Letter: Copper-sulfide mining bill is bad news for Boundary Waters – Detroit

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— Thanks for the great and well-researched editorial on the bill to risk our pristine Boundary Waters with mining by a controversial foreign mining company.

If you want to know who is to blame, it is Republican 8th U.S. Congressional incumbent Pete Stauber, who brags about his role on HR 3195, in part because he has not authored any other bills save for naming a post office.

His overall inaction, and votes against bills that will bring over a billion dollars to the district for infrastructure (which he voted against and now tries to take credit for) and the over $360 billion to fight climate change in the Inflation Reduction Act, are proof enough that this man places party before people, the environment or our future prosperity.

If you are in Congressional District 8, check out Jen Schultz and see how much better we would fare.

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