Institutional FX trading volumes rise 5% in April 2024 as FXSpotStream sets

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Trading activity at leading ECNs and multibank FX streaming services rose for the second month in a row in April 2024, continuing a fairly strong start to the year in the sector.

After daily trading volumes at leading institutional eFX venues surveyed by FNG increased by 13% in March, activity rose by a further 5% in April. Despite a small decrease in trading at Deutsche Borse’s 360T,  each of FXSpotStream, Cboe FX, and EuronextFX reported healthy activity surges during April for the second month in a row – including a best-ever monthly ADV for FXSpotStream, at $91.877 billion.

Cboe FX (formerly HotspotFX)

April 2024 average daily volumes were $50.024 billion, +4.5% from March’s $47.892 billion.

EuronextFX (formerly FastMatch)

April 2024 ADV $28.673 billion, +7.9% from March’s ADV of $26.570 billion.


April saw FXSpotStream cross the USD2trillion mark, in terms of overall volume supported, for the first time in company history. This resulted in ADV records in Spot (USD66.147bn), Other (USD25.730bn) and Total ADV (USD91.877bn) for the service.
FXSpotStream’s Total ADV MoM (Apr’24 vs Mar’24) increased 11.26%.
FXSpotStream’s Total ADV YoY (Apr’24 vs Apr’23) increased 66.13%.
FXSpotStream’s Spot ADV MoM (Apr’24 vs Mar’24) increased 13.69%.
FXSpotStream’s Spot ADV YoY (Apr’24 vs Apr’23) increased 48.97%.
FXSpotStream’s Other ADV MoM (Apr’24 vs Mar’24) increased 5.48%.
FXSpotStream’s Other ADV YoY (Apr’24 vs Apr’23) increased 136.01%.


Average daily volumes (ADV) at 360T came in at $29.760 billion in April 2024, down 3.0% from March’s $30.669 billion.

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