How to ‘rescue food,’ deliver value amid inflation: Misfits Market

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With inflation driving up costs across various sectors, Misfits Market says it aims to help consumers combat rising grocery prices. Abhi Ramesh, the company’s CEO, joins Wealth! to discuss Misfits Market’s mission and operational strategies.

Ramesh emphasizes that “value is a core part” of the business model. He explains that the company enjoys “a structural cost advantage” due to the specific products they source, enabling them to maintain price competitiveness in the market.

The CEO notes that Misfits Market has an edge in cost control thanks to a hands-on business approach. He elaborates on the company’s operations, stating that all employees share “a collective enjoyment of the mission to rescue food and deliver value to our customers.”

Ramesh also touches on the company’s outlook on inclusivity in the workplace, highlighting its second chance initiative.

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