How Rishi Sunak plans to end Putin’s hold on European energy market

Britain is set to establish Europe’s first advanced nuclear fuel production facility in an ambitious move to enhance its energy security and reduce European dependence on Russian energy exports. Announcing the initiative, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak declared the project a strategic step to “prise Vladimir Putin’s blood-soaked hands off Europe’s energy market.”
As per a Daily Mail report, the new plant, backed by a £200 million government investment, will be constructed in Cheshire at the Capenhurst site near Ellesmere Port.The facility, operated by nuclear specialist Urenco, aims to produce 10 tonnes of advanced nuclear fuel annually by the early 2030s. This fuel is crucial for the next generation of modular nuclear reactors, currently a market dominated solely by Russia.
During a press briefing, Sunak highlighted the urgency of establishing a UK-based uranium enrichment plant, emphasizing that “Russia has been the sole provider of this powerful nuclear fuel for too long and this marks the latest step in pushing him out of the energy market entirely.”
The project is expected to create 400 skilled jobs and power the UK’s future nuclear power plants, ensuring that other countries are less reliant on Russian advanced nuclear fuel. It’s part of broader efforts to improve energy security and isolate Moscow from global energy markets, following Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, the Daily Mail report said.
Energy secretary Claire Coutinho remarked on the significance of the new facility, noting it will fuel the new generation of advanced modular reactors necessary to quadruple the UK’s nuclear capacity by 2050. Additionally, the government plans to streamline the planning process for developing nuclear fusion technology, inviting firms to compete for up to £600 million in funding to build the UK’s first commercially viable fusion plant.
This strategic move by the UK government not only aims to secure a future of sustainable and independent energy but also positions Britain as a leader in the global shift towards advanced nuclear technology.

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