Graphite miner Lincoln joins EU trade mission

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Graphite miner Lincoln Minerals CEO Jonathon Trewartha will participate in an Australian government-led trade mission to the European Union (EU) in early June.

During the trade mission, Lincoln will showcase its Kookaburra graphite project, in South Australia, which Trewartha says can play a pivotal role in meeting the EU’s critical minerals needs.

The EU recently approved the Critical Raw Materials Act, signalling a decisive move away from dependence on Chinese supply chains. The legislation identifies 34 critical and 17 strategic minerals vital for the green and digital transitions.

China has introduced export restrictions for graphite and related anode materials. These changes are forcing ex-China buyers of graphite feedstock to develop alternate supply arrangements.

The EU trade mission agenda features a comprehensive programme tailored to facilitate dialogue and collaboration across various sectors. Highlights include engagements with potential offtakers in the electric vehicle battery space, as well as interactions with automotive, defence, aerospace, electronics, industrial and renewable energy value chains.

Key meetings are scheduled with mineral processors, refineries and battery manufacturers, offering networking and strategic relationship opportunities for Lincoln.

Furthermore, sessions with governmental bodies provide a platform to discuss bilateral cooperation and support for establishing robust supply chains between Australia and the EU.

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