Gas prices falling across Missouri, Kansas, for now

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Gas prices are falling around Kansas City by as much as 5 to 8 cents in the last week.

“Missouri currently has the 11th cheapest statewide average in the country. Kansas comes in at number six,” Nick Chabarria from AAA explained. “So, you know, relative to the rest of the country, Missouri and Kansas are faring fairly well when it comes to gas prices.”

According to AAA’s website, the average price in Kansas City, Missouri is $3.20, and in Kansas City, Kansas the price rises a little to $3.28.

The nationwide average on Wednesday was just more than $3.66.

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The reason for the price drop is thanks to the other side of the world. Chabarria told FOX4 that prices originally rose due to fears about the conflict between Israel and Iran.

“Some of those fears have been quieted for at least the time being as far as how would impact oil prices. And that’s why we’re starting to see those prices decline,” Chabarria said.

For some motorists, the price is still not where they want it to be. Mike Hughes said that he stopped driving his truck to save money on gas.

“I can’t even drive my truck, I had to jump in the car,” he said.

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He mentioned that he may even switch to vehicles that guzzle less gas, mentioning that smaller motorbikes can be refueled for around $5.

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Chabarria says to expect prices to rise again.

“Now it gets kind of quiet right before it ramps back up for summer road trips and summer travel. Typically, we see an increase in gas prices when that summer travel demand kicks in as well,” he said.

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