Fed outlook: interest rates unchanged, allays potential rate hike worries


(AI Video Summary)

USD, EUR and JPY movements

In the episode of “Beat the street,” Angeline Ong discusses key financial topics, including the Fed’s rate decisions in response to inflation and its impact on borrowing costs, Apple’s anticipated earnings amidst a decline in sales and potential AI benefits, and Qualcomm’s improved outlook due to increased chip demand from China. Ong also delves into currency movements, notably the US dollar strength against the euro and Japanese yen, and the anticipation around other central banks’ rate decisions.

Earnings reports

Corporate earnings highlights include eBay’s revenue expectations, Apple’s upcoming report, QUALCOMM’s strong performance, and Peloton’s CEO change and job cuts. Additionally, it touches on Moderna’s earnings amid declining covid vaccine demand and oil market dynamics after recent geopolitical tensions. The episode concludes with a look at market indicators and the importance of upcoming job data.

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