Duolingo stock sinking on weak Q1 user growth

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Duolingo stock (DUOL) is falling off Thursday, down as high as 20% intraday, after the company reported a slowdown in user growth in its first-quarter results. Despite this setback, Duolingo surpassed earnings estimates and raised its revenue outlook for 2024.

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This post was written by Angel Smith

Video Transcript

Trending takes for you now including shares of Duo Lingo those shares down 18% today.Now, despite a strong first quarter earnings report company stock taking a hit after reported gain new users at a slower rate than in previous quarters to an interesting one because Josh the shares, it’s not like they were written and go into, into this.They were about 8% year today going into today.The shares are still much higher than they were.I look back to the IP which is was just in 20 one.They went public at 102 A share and they’re trading at 200.So not too shabby on that front, but it is interesting that investors and traders zeroed in on this one metric that did show slowing.Yes, because your point you look at the report, I mean Q one Eps beat company raised its revenue outlook for the year.But yeah, it is D A daily active users.It did, they did jump more than 50% Julie 31.4 million.I was reading that was more than double what it was just 18 months ago, but it did only just beat out Consensus Street was closer to 31.1 million.Uh CEO talked about how he said, listen, we have like 10 quarters of accelerating dau growth.He said, and we kept saying almost every quarter, this can happen forever, that comment, right?And that, but that is to your point, what investors seem to be focused on, right?You can’t, trees don’t go to the go to the sky as the old uh, stock market adage goes.

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