Dubai based shipyard has unveiled a sleek, stylish, and stealthy 55-foot yacht

enata mirarri yacht partnership

UAE-based shipyard Enata Marine has joined hands with Mirarri, a new luxury yacht brand from Rashed Al Shaali, to deliver some good-looking freshness to the yachting world. It looks as dapper as boats come, in the form of a 55-foot express cruiser with a glass dome superstructure. The accolades go beyond good looks as in Enata’s first collaboration with Mirarri the vessel impresses onlookers with a full carbon fiber hull. The design that’s capturing eyeballs is the work of award-winning designer Timur Bozca and Enata. “Today, I am proud to launch Mirarri, a formidable collaboration between industry leaders Enata and Bozca,” Rashed Al Shaali said in an emailed press release.

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“I come from a long family history in the marine industry, having grown up surrounded by yachts and having worked with esteemed companies such as Gulf Craft, Dubai Marine, and Al Shaali Marine since my earliest days. While these experiences have been invaluable, they’ve also revealed to me the stagnation within the yachting industry, prompting my desire for change. This drove me to partner with Enata and Timur Bozca.” The concept proposes a titanium-made boat that looks familiar, as it is inspired by the bone structures of birds. Inside, the vessel features a lounge area, culminating into cushioned benches toward the aft deck, an ideal spot to take in uninterrupted views, per yachtingmagazine.

The presence of a pop-up table allows guests to mingle with some food while entertainment is provided on a large-screen television. The carbon fiber and titanium-built yacht is equipped with the impressive Wingman software. It enables the owner and guests to remotely control various functions, which include diagnostics, implementing preventive maintenance, and even performing OTA updates.

Via Instagram / @asiapacificboating_mag
On the lower level, the vessel is outfitted with two full-beam cabins that are well-designed in light hues to make the room seem spacious and comfortable. The first batch of Mirarri yachts is expected to arrive in 2025. Guess we will be seeing a lot of them in Dubai soon.

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