CSP clarifies motorcycle ‘lane filtering’ rule soon to go into effect in


In case you missed it, come August 7, 2024, lane filtering by motorcycles will become legal in Colorado – a very significant change that will surely be noticed by motorists. Ahead of the switch, Colorado State Patrol and the Colorado Department of Transportation is working hard to educate the public on what to expect and how to prepare for motorcycles to be zipping by the side of their stopped car.

On May 6, the two aforementioned departments jointly issued a press release covering the basics of lane filtering, including when it’s allowed and when it’s not.

Here are the five key rules of lane filtering that were included in that release:

The motor vehicles ahead have come to a complete stop.The width of the lane is sufficient to accommodate both a vehicle and a motorcycle side by side.The rider is not going faster than 15 mph.The rider can filter only in safe conditions and must be able to maintain control of the motorcycle.The rider must pass on the left of the vehicles in the same lane without entering the lane dedicated to traffic moving in the opposite direction.

The agencies also reiterated that this switch does not make lane splitting or white-lining legal – lane splitting involves traveling between lanes of moving vehicles in the area of the white divider line. Under the Colorado switch, the motorcycle must fit into the same lane as the vehicle its passing while making the pass.

It’s also worth noting that the change is far from permanent – it will expire automatically in September of 2027, with data collected during this trial period to be used to determine if the law will permanently be put in place.

The decision to allow lane filtering has been met with a mixed reaction. It’s been praised as a means of making motorcycle riding and criticized because some think it will be abused or lead to lane splitting.

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