Crypto Token Unlocks: AVAX, ARB, PYTH to Distribute $3 Billion in May 2024

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Arbitrum (ARB) Price Action | April 2024 | TradingView

Meanwhile, Aptos is unlocking 11.31 APT ($102.1 million) on May 12 for the foundation, community, core contributors, and investors.

Memecoin will also be releasing 5.31 billion MEME tokens ($147.95 million) on May 3, followed by 49.47 MEME tokens ($1.38 million) a day for the next 184 days. The majority of the cliff unlock will be released as an airdrop while the linear unlock will mostly flow into the ecosystem and investors.

Memecoin is exactly what it says on the tin, a speculative asset with no utility, roadmap, or promises—it’s literally just a meme. Created by community company Memeland, its 2 million strong fans can stake or farm its token through Stakeland or Meme Farming respectively.

Finally, the Bored Ape themed ApeCoin will be releasing 15.6 million APE ($19.97 million) on May 17, mostly going to the treasury and Yuga Labs according to TokenUnlocks.

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