Cardano Creator Takes Sudden Turn Toward Bitcoin Cash: Details


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Charles Hoskinson expresses interest in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), catching many by surprise

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In an unexpected turn of events within the cryptocurrency community, the founder of Cardano has recently expressed an interest in Bitcoin offshoot, Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This unexpected development has sparked speculation and curiosity among crypto enthusiasts, as the Cardano’s founder’s attention turns toward a different cryptocurrency project.

Charles Hoskinson, the visionary behind Cardano, expressed interest in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on social media, catching many by surprise.

In a tweet, Hoskinson expressed interest in the Bitcoin Cash road map, requesting anyone in the community to explain what’s going on in the developer community and some of the BCH project’s near-term priorities.

“I’m curious about Bitcoin Cash’s roadmap. Can anyone from the Bitcoin Cash community point me to what’s happening on the Dev side and some of the near-term priorities,” Hoskinson wrote.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain created in 2017. While it has some similarities to Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has established its niche in the cryptocurrency market, attracting its community of supporters and developers.

The arrest of Roger Ver, an early crypto investor known as “Bitcoin Jesus” and an ardent supporter of Bitcoin Cash, shocked the cryptocurrency industry this week. Roger Ver has been a notable supporter of the Bitcoin spin-off since 2017.

Hoskinson, a passionate supporter of the creation of a more secure, scalable and sustainable blockchain ecosystem, has typically focused on the advancement of Cardano’s ecosystem. However, the recent attention towards Bitcoin Cash may suggest a broader strategy that is unfolding.

Despite this, the exact reason for the sudden interest in Bitcoin Cash by the Cardano founder remains unknown as well as where it might lead.

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