Can motorcycles drive between two vehicles in Lubbock?


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LUBBOCK, Texas — If you drive a motorcycle, or know someone who does, then here’s something you might want to know.

If you see a motorcycle driving between two vehicles in Lubbock, they are breaking the law, according to The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Sergeant Johnny Bures.

Man found dead in Lubbock roadway was shot, police said

Bures said this is known as lane splitting which is operating a motorcycle between rows of stopped or moving vehicles in the same lane.

Lane splitting became illegal in Texas in September 2023. California is the only state where lane splitting is legal, according to a Texas law firm.

Trail of blood found at East Lubbock shooting that left man seriously hurt

Bures spoke about the dangers of lane splitting and why it’s illegal in Texas.

“The biggest reason is safety, for both motorists, but mainly for the rider. They don’t have the protection and safety that a vehicle would if there was a collision between the two,” Bures said.

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