BW Energy finds more oil and gas in extended Dassafu license offshore Gabon

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(WO) – BW Energy has hit oil and gas in an exploration well offshore Gabon as part of a multi-well exploration and drilling campaign on the Dassafu license, extending its commercial acreage.

Borr Norve jack-up rig

BW Energy’s DHBSM-2P pilot well confirmed that the Hibiscus South deposit extends into the northern part of the field with good reservoir quality, increasing reserve estimates. The company plans to complete the well as a production well later in 2024.

Preliminary evaluation indicates gross recoverable reserves of 5 – 6 MMbbl of oil and approximately 14 MMbbl of oil in place.

The DHBSM-2P pilot was drilled from the MaBoMo production platform to a total depth of 5,130 m. The target area is located approximately 3.2 km west-northwest of the MaBoMo and was drilled by the Borr Norve jack-up rig.

Evaluation of logging data, sample examination and formation pressure measurements confirm approximately 25 m of pay in an overall oil and gas column of 35 m in the Gamba formation.

The well data provides additional confirmation that the Hibiscus South structure is a separate accumulation with a deeper oil-water contact than the nearby Hibiscus field. This will enable the company to book additional reserves not currently included in its annual statement of reserves and provide the opportunity to drill one or more additional production wells from the MaBoMo facility.

“We continue to increase the production and reserve base through low-cost and low-risk development activity in line with BW Energy’s strategy,” said Carl K. Arnet CEO of BW Energy. “The Hibiscus South pilot well is another confirmation of the significant potential of the Dussafu license which holds multiple additional prospects.”


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