Binance CEO Richard Teng Slams Nigeria Govt over Employees Arrest


Richard Teng

The Binance CEO says the team felt “increasingly concerned” following that demand and decided to leave Nigeria immediately, refusing to make the payment through its counsel.

“We, of course, declined the payment demand via our counsel, not viewing it to be a legitimate settlement offer […].”

Richard Teng

The Binance CEO stated that despite numerous requests, Binance had not been provided with details of multiple allegations made against it by Nigerian authorities. He also emphasized that if Nigerian authorities want to progress on the matter with the exchange, Tigran “must be allowed to go home.”

Gambaryan, who holds American citizenship, was arrested alongside British-Kenyan Nadeem Anjarwalla by Nigerian law enforcement in back February. The two were captured at an Abuja airport after authorities called for Binance representatives to come to the capital city. After their arrest, all naira and peer-to-peer services on Binance in Nigeria were halted.

Anjarwalla allegedly fled the country in March using a concealed Kenyan passport. Later, reports surfaced saying Nigerian security forces were able to identify the location of the Binance representative, arresting him in Kenya at the request of the Nigerian Bureau of Interpol. Gambaryan remains in custody and is waiting for a trial scheduled on May 17.

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