5 Of The Most Popular Harley-Davidson Cruisers For Beginner Riders

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If you’re looking for a bike that evokes the classic Harley-Davidson silhouette but doesn’t pack the raging muscle of an angry horse, the Softail series is a great place to start. The Softail series is made up of simple, stripped-down bobber bikes, with no bells, whistles, or frills. It’s a nice, straightforward bike with a more reasonable dose of Harley’s engine muscle to acquaint you.

Out of the Softail series, the Softail Slim is an especially excellent option for newer riders. The frame is a bit skinnier than the usual Softail body, giving riders both comfort and control over the vehicle. The seat’s only 25.5 inches off the ground, a bit lower than other Harley bikes, making it nice for those who aren’t quite used to just how high up a motorcycle seat can be. Combine that with a 107-cubic-inch Milwaukee-Eight engine, and you have a vehicle that’s designed to be as responsive as possible, whether you’re accelerating or already at full speed, while still providing that crispy rumble that you want out of a Harley-Davidson cruiser. It also helps that the Softail Slim is lighter in weight than similar Harley bikes to help a new rider build up their tolerance for lifting hefty rides.

You can find a Softail Slim on the market for approximately $15,000 – $17,000.

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