416 HP BYD Seal X Is The Production Version Of Ocean-M Electric Hot Hatch

BYD Seal X a

The BYD Seal X will come standard with a lithium-iron phosphate Blade battery from FinDreams

by Brad Anderson

12 hours ago

The new model will be offered in 215 hp and 416 hp guises.

BYD has ditched the many aero appendages of the concept car.

The new model will be the latest addition to BYD’s growing Ocean series.

This is our first look at the production version of the BYD Ocean-M electric hot hatch that excited fans at the Beijing Auto Show.

Images and details from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) reveal the road-going model will form part of BYD’s Ocean series. It has been dubbed the Seal X but the ‘X’ in that name is thought to be a placeholder. Whatever the final name may be, it’s evident that the carmaker’s designers have ditched many of the over-the-top design features of the Ocean-M.

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The Seal X sports a pair of angular headlights that look largely identical to the concept. However, the dramatic aerodynamic splitter of the Ocean-M has been deleted and there are now newly-shaped air intakes. The large air intakes found on the concept’s hood are also nowhere to be seen.

The changes continue down the sides of the hatch, where the large aero fins on the skirts didn’t make it to production. Spin around to the rear, and you’ll notice the obvious lack of a fixed rear wing like the Ocean-M. The Seal X’s rear diffuser is also much simpler yet still has some sharp elements. The car is also expected to hit the market with a small LiDAR.

Consumers will be able to pick up the keys to the Seal X in two different powertrain guises. The entry-level model will sport a single electric motor at the rear axle with 215 hp (160 kW) while a dual-motor version with 416 hp (310 kW) is also on the cards. Both versions will feature lithium-iron phosphate Blade batteries from BYD’s FinDreams battery division.

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