2024 Rezvani Arsenal teased as 7-seat bullet-proof SUV

teaser for 2024 rezvani arsenal 100928174 h

Rezvani is just weeks away from debuting the 2024 Arsenal, an armored SUV big enough for seven and able to be optioned with a 675-hp V-8.

The California company already offers an armored SUV based on the Cadillac Escalade in the form of the 2023 Vengeance, which seats eight, but the Arsenal will feature a more toned-down design, judging by a teaser photo.

Like most Rezvanis, the Arsenal will incorporate a military-inspired design, according to the company. There will also be genuine armor protection to add some credibility to the tough looks. This will include, Rezvani says, the first civilian application of a composite material rated at B6 ballistic protection. Such a level means protection from even high-powered rifles.

Interested parties can place a $150 refundable deposit to secure a build slot for the Arsenal. Deliveries are scheduled to start in the summer.

The standard powertrain will be a V-8 with 420 hp.

Despite its focus on SUVs—and a six-wheel pickup truck—in recent years, Rezvani hasn’t forgotten its sports car roots. The company in February revealed a new version of its original Beast sports car. The new version is based on the C8 Corvette platform and boasts up to 1,000 hp.

Rezvani in April also launched a new division delivering retro designs. The division’s first project is a modern Porsche 911 styled to look like the cars built by Germany’s Kremer Racing in the 1970s.

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