2024.14.5 Official Tesla Release Notes

park assist upgrade

– When you’re parked, you can expand the browser to full screen.

– Access Car Wash Mode more quickly in vehicle settings > Controls.

– Rear passengers can now see the current trip details, time, and temperature at the top of the rear touchscreen, except when Entertainment apps are using the full screen. (Models with rear screen)

– You can now swipe to delete Sentry Mode recordings in the Dashcam app on your vehicle touchscreen, or at Security > Sentry Mode Alarm Previews in the Tesla app 4.32.0+. (Requires MCU 2)

– When you have Valet Mode on, and your vehicle is unlocked or shifted out of Park, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. (Requires Valet Mode)

– The Vampire Survivors game in Arcade now has the “Space 54” and “Deeploreble” updates. (Requires MCU 2)

– Arcade includes the latest game update for Polytopia “Path of the Ocean.” (Requires MCU 2)

– If you have no passengers in the back seat, the rear touchscreen now turns off when you shift out of Park, to reduce unnecessary energy use. (Models with rear screen)

– The powered frunk can better detect obstructions just before it finishes closing. (Cybertruck only)

– When you open the door to get in, Cybertruck overhead lights come on at a lower brightness if you have Lights > Dome Lights set to Auto. Tap the lights to adjust them. (Cybertruck only)

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