10 New Toyota Grand Highlander Features Worth Getting Excited About

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All-wheel-drive comes as standard on the Grand Highlander Hybrid Max and is available as an optional extra for all other trims. The setup of each system varies according to the engine it’s paired with — the base-spec gas engine gets what Toyota calls Dynamic Torque Control AWD, the most conventional of the bunch, mainly designed to provide extra traction.

The standard hybrid gets Electronic On-Demand AWD, which performs a more diverse range of roles. Alongside its standard traction-enhancing duties, the system is also designed to improve fuel economy and boost acceleration off the line. The electric motor is tasked with driving the rear wheels, but the system can revert to front-wheel drive to improve fuel economy when the extra traction isn’t needed.

The Hybrid Max trim gets the most complex all-wheel-drive system, which Toyota calls Full-Time Electronic AWD. Both the gas engine and a front-mounted electric motor can deliver power to all four wheels, but there’s also a second electric motor that powers the rear wheels only. Unlike the standard hybrid, the Hybrid Max doesn’t have a front-wheel-drive mode, with power distribution ranging from 70:30 to 20:80 between the front and rear wheels.

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