10 Most Expensive Car Brands to Maintain According to Consumer Reports

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Consumer Reports’ 2023 Annual Auto Surveys revealed that the cost of maintaining a car varies significantly among different brands, especially as vehicles age. Notably, Tesla was identified as the least expensive brand to maintain, while German luxury automakers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche topped the list as the most expensive. The surveys highlight the impact of maintenance and repair expenses over time, which can substantially increase after the warranty and free maintenance periods expire, particularly after the first three years.

The analysis underscored the financial advantage of choosing brands with lower maintenance costs or preparing financially for the higher costs associated with luxury vehicles. Steven Elek from Consumer Reports noted that maintenance costs between brands could differ by thousands of dollars over a decade. For those considering luxury cars, American brands like Lincoln might offer more affordable maintenance and repair options compared to their German counterparts. This data could significantly influence consumer decisions on purchasing and budgeting for cars, aiming to mitigate unforeseen ownership costs.

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